Thursday, August 27, 2015

And now we are ending August.

Finished a project, a utility box in Reseda, CA.

Back to normal for me to be painting outside in the Summertime.
Back home in New England, public projects are all racing the weather.
I had a few Summertime murals.
Over here in Cali, like the year round growing season, there is a year round painting season.
Only this year they are predicting an El Nino, so I'd better be quick with the next box.
Taco pictures are interspersed with pictures of the box.

Those beautiful tacos were usually $1.85.
There is no fast food chain that can compare with those tacos.
On the day that I ordered my taco the woman who often has put my to go plate together spoke to me. My Spanish is not good.
This was the first time my taco place said that they knew where I was going and what I was doing.
She asked if I was the painter.
In Spanish.

I told her yes, Si.
I can understand and read more Spanish than I can speak.
It was heartwarming to hear her speak of the box.
She thanked me, and I thanked her.
My neighbors. Neighbors of the box.

One day soon I will take the real camera over there and document.
Most of this was shot on the phone.
I work all day, 6 days a week. So the project took forever, painting after work.
Not a schedule I would choose.
But the box is done.
Antigraffiti coating coming up.

The sketch for my next box has been approved.
Have a friend nearby whose box has raised the bar.

Friday, June 26, 2015

It is already June

And now I realize that this is the link I put on Twitter,
This blog has been pretty neglected. 

Right now, June 26 2015 I am working on a utility box in Reseda.
Have been working on it after work and my day off for a few weeks.

Reseda is the land of Boogie Nights and The Karate Kid. 
Doing a few things around town to elevate the perception of Reseda.

My youngest grandson 
and his Mother have shown up on my doorstep.
Pretty cute.
So a lot of things are neglected while I have to go to work, 
take care of people, and work on my box.

I can be found on Flickr daily
and Facebook
Google +

I only wrote two things on Medium.
Ello, which I like a lot, is also neglected by me.

Now I know where to find myself, myself ; )

Friday, March 6, 2015

Skater boys writing on the Before I Die wall in Reseda, CA

Before I Die
is a project going on all over the place.
As a person who keeps two chalkboards up in my own home,
I have an affinity for the Before I Die wall in our community.

With disapproval from some who put the Before I Die wall up in our neighborhood,
I have often cleaned and censored the board.
Because I live here.

I pack rags and fresh chalk.
I pack an empty water bottle, to fill at a nearby store.
You need water to clean off chalk.

Last night, some boys on their skateboards came to the wall.
I was a short distance away.
The boys saw new chalk and went to work.
One even cleaned off a line with his own sweatshirt sleeve.

Boy in hood. In the 91335. Got a fistbump for responding with 818.

Learned what dabs and wax are, fer sure.
I had Googled wax and dabs previously.
The boys ought not be walking around with those pics on their phones.
Just in case there is trouble of any sort.

We talked about the things that I erase off the board when I replace the chalk that disappears daily.
The boys wanted to debate my censorship.

So I repeated something I had erased off the board out loud.
The boys drew back horrified and could not believe those words came out of my mouth.
I wish I had video of that moment.

We talked a bit more about public Art and free speech.
I did not erase their wish for wax and dabs.
We all agreed that what I had erased was unacceptable.

I know that the boys are someone's sons and Grandsons.
The kids are alright.
♥ Chloe

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Took care of a girl on the street today, who had come into the store and had extreme behavior.
My coworker agreed that we needed to call 911.
So I spent some time out of work following the disturbed soul down the street until the Police came but what we really needed was a ambulance which they finally called.
The Police followed the book, I think that the woman is a frequent flyer.

Here is the thing I have to say today about this.
Every episode is it's own episode.
You can't think about how many other times you might have dealt with this person.
There is a person in there.

You have to be in the moment and meet them where they are at.
It might all be forgotten tomorrow.
Compassion is being in the moment. That does not mean that you believe their reality,
that just means you are there with them and doing the best you can.

Local Police did not have enough experience or training to recognize what they were called for.
They were respectful, but did not have enough knowledge or training to know what they were dealing with.

No, I am not describing the details, for respect for this girl.

The story of the day is watching a couple of human beings stop to help this girl as I was following her waiting for help.
With all the bad news in our world, in our time, I want to share how many people stopped as this girl acted out with extreme behavior and people stopped to help.
A woman parked her car and would have done anything for the young woman in trouble.
A young man stopped and stayed to be sure she was taken care of.

Those people are why I am writing this when I have no photos for you.
There are people in the world who will stop to care for someone.
They are our hope for the future!
♥ Chloe

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Breakfast For Champions on Superbowl Sunday!

Thinking about Tom Brady!
Here's a big New England breakfast for him. Pancakes made with corn meal and wild blueberries.
Real Maple syrup. Coffee from the Coffee Exchange on Wickenden in Providence, RI.

Go Patriots!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fishing In The City With Or Without A Bobber

I am getting ready to go fishing before work in the morning.
Saturday mornings I have an extra half hour.
Friends gave me a present of a collapsing fishing pole.
I can be all incognito on the bus with the new fishing pole.
Although this Saturday, I think a friend is coming to pick me up.

I discussed the fishing situation with my son, who said,

He was pretty adamant about it. I made a blackboard about not using the f*ing bobber.
I am working on a blackboard project right now for Fun A Day.
Actually I am always working on the blackboard project.
I just decided to do a bunch more of them for Fun A Day this year.

Now that I was closer to the fishing day, I called him up again.
We talked about top-fishing and bottom fishing and all kinds of fishing.
I was still unclear about where the weight and the bait went.
So he said he would draw a picture.
I waited on the phone while he drew.
Picture came over from Massachusetts all the way to LA.

Do you see what I saw?
A red and white f*ing bobber.
He had some explaining to do.
Anyway, he explained and explained.
He made another diagram.

I have also called up Fisherman Dan at the gun store in Reseda.
They probably prefer to refer to themselves as a hunting and fishing store.
Fisherman Dan is waiting to hear a report about the fish near me.

We have spoken a couple of times now. I did not tell him about the f*ing bobbers
or not f*ing bobbers because I have not met him yet, just talked on the phone.

They are not restocking the trout until Feb 8.
"Planting" fish! That made a crazy cartoon in my head.

In the meantime, Fisherman Dan said that there were other fish in there.
He said fish the bottom for catfish. Oh man, I do not like cleaning catfish.
I want the trout! Tomorrow will be a good day to try out the rod.
I can also time how long it takes to get to work from Reseda Park.

Come what may. Catch as catch can. Any day of fishing is better than a day of ___________.

Fishing In The City is a real link!