Saturday, March 31, 2012

Checking on our Swan Mother in the evening

All seemed well.  The Father Swan was not around tonight, but the friendly duck couple was there with her.
I had walked in a different way to take pictures.
I found this on the ground near the river
Is it a Killdeer eggshell?
The Mother Swan nestled in for the night.
Do you see the ducks in the water nearby?    
Goodnight, Swan.  ♥Chloe

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Swan eggs in the city

The swan mother carefully tucked in her eggs.
She had gotten up to groom herself and stretch her legs.
Beautiful Easter eggs in the swan nest.
This swan lives in the city.  There is duct tape and styrofoam and plastic litter in her nest.

While the Mother swan was taking a break, the Father swan guarded the eggs.
A Father duck was helping guard the eggs, too.  The Mallard and his mate are there all the time.

The Mother Swan settled herself back on the nest and put her beak under her wing.   She had counted her eggs, and made sure that each one was covered. The Father Swan watched over her from the river nearby.
The Father Swan swimming near the nest in the evening.
Good night, Swans.  ♥Chloe

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brave swan mother in the city

You have to look close to see her, she is hidden.  

She has made her nest in a gritty place,
noisy and full of litter and the debris of Winter.
She is huge and dirty, not a storybook swan.
She has used the litter around her as part of her nest.
The ducks stop by to visit.  .
She raises her head to acknowledge the ducks, who are sweet and inquisitive.
Soon there those branches will bud, and the new leaves will provide shade and camouflage for her
as she patiently sits on her eggs.
I will come and see her again soon.   ♥Chloe

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back at home

Back at home by chloe & ivan
Back at home, a photo by chloe & ivan on Flickr.

Shock to the system to arrive in the cold and grey from sunny Florida.
Ordered potatoes and cabbage and bacon at AS220. Thet's a deep Winter combination.
Working on the pictures from Florida, there are a lot of them!