Friday, June 26, 2015

It is already June

And now I realize that this is the link I put on Twitter,
This blog has been pretty neglected. 

Right now, June 26 2015 I am working on a utility box in Reseda.
Have been working on it after work and my day off for a few weeks.

Reseda is the land of Boogie Nights and The Karate Kid. 
Doing a few things around town to elevate the perception of Reseda.

My youngest grandson 
and his Mother have shown up on my doorstep.
Pretty cute.
So a lot of things are neglected while I have to go to work, 
take care of people, and work on my box.

I can be found on Flickr daily
and Facebook
Google +

I only wrote two things on Medium.
Ello, which I like a lot, is also neglected by me.

Now I know where to find myself, myself ; )