Thursday, January 28, 2016


Oh, my! Andrea wrote about me : /
Now I cannot go out without makeup on.
Thank you, Andrea Monroe.
btw, she is a pretty fine artist

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Haven't been here for a while. 
I forget that Twitter sends you over here. 
So when I am tweeting out whatever random, 
Some people come over and only get months old posts.

It has been rough.
This is new.

Recognizing Miracles.

This morning I was very depressed that there was only one egg for the baby and I.
I beat up the egg with some milk, put grated cheese on it and shared with the baby on sourdough English Muffins from the 99c store.

Tonight I went to a food pantry at a local church.
When I was given my box, with a fabulous squash in it, among other things, the young woman said,
"Come back, after you put this in your car."
"There are some eggs."

Do you see all these eggs?
Egg bounty.
Shared from strangers.

The Creator of the Universe knew I was really upset about the last egg in the refrigerator.
I think I was messaged that God knows exactly what is going in my home, my life,  right now.
Down to the last egg.