Saturday, February 21, 2015

Took care of a girl on the street today, who had come into the store and had extreme behavior.
My coworker agreed that we needed to call 911.
So I spent some time out of work following the disturbed soul down the street until the Police came but what we really needed was a ambulance which they finally called.
The Police followed the book, I think that the woman is a frequent flyer.

Here is the thing I have to say today about this.
Every episode is it's own episode.
You can't think about how many other times you might have dealt with this person.
There is a person in there.

You have to be in the moment and meet them where they are at.
It might all be forgotten tomorrow.
Compassion is being in the moment. That does not mean that you believe their reality,
that just means you are there with them and doing the best you can.

Local Police did not have enough experience or training to recognize what they were called for.
They were respectful, but did not have enough knowledge or training to know what they were dealing with.

No, I am not describing the details, for respect for this girl.

The story of the day is watching a couple of human beings stop to help this girl as I was following her waiting for help.
With all the bad news in our world, in our time, I want to share how many people stopped as this girl acted out with extreme behavior and people stopped to help.
A woman parked her car and would have done anything for the young woman in trouble.
A young man stopped and stayed to be sure she was taken care of.

Those people are why I am writing this when I have no photos for you.
There are people in the world who will stop to care for someone.
They are our hope for the future!
♥ Chloe