Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fishing In The City With Or Without A Bobber

I am getting ready to go fishing before work in the morning.
Saturday mornings I have an extra half hour.
Friends gave me a present of a collapsing fishing pole.
I can be all incognito on the bus with the new fishing pole.
Although this Saturday, I think a friend is coming to pick me up.

I discussed the fishing situation with my son, who said,

He was pretty adamant about it. I made a blackboard about not using the f*ing bobber.
I am working on a blackboard project right now for Fun A Day.
Actually I am always working on the blackboard project.
I just decided to do a bunch more of them for Fun A Day this year.

Now that I was closer to the fishing day, I called him up again.
We talked about top-fishing and bottom fishing and all kinds of fishing.
I was still unclear about where the weight and the bait went.
So he said he would draw a picture.
I waited on the phone while he drew.
Picture came over from Massachusetts all the way to LA.

Do you see what I saw?
A red and white f*ing bobber.
He had some explaining to do.
Anyway, he explained and explained.
He made another diagram.

I have also called up Fisherman Dan at the gun store in Reseda.
They probably prefer to refer to themselves as a hunting and fishing store.
Fisherman Dan is waiting to hear a report about the fish near me.

We have spoken a couple of times now. I did not tell him about the f*ing bobbers
or not f*ing bobbers because I have not met him yet, just talked on the phone.

They are not restocking the trout until Feb 8.
"Planting" fish! That made a crazy cartoon in my head.

In the meantime, Fisherman Dan said that there were other fish in there.
He said fish the bottom for catfish. Oh man, I do not like cleaning catfish.
I want the trout! Tomorrow will be a good day to try out the rod.
I can also time how long it takes to get to work from Reseda Park.

Come what may. Catch as catch can. Any day of fishing is better than a day of ___________.

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