Friday, March 6, 2015

Skater boys writing on the Before I Die wall in Reseda, CA

Before I Die
is a project going on all over the place.
As a person who keeps two chalkboards up in my own home,
I have an affinity for the Before I Die wall in our community.

With disapproval from some who put the Before I Die wall up in our neighborhood,
I have often cleaned and censored the board.
Because I live here.

I pack rags and fresh chalk.
I pack an empty water bottle, to fill at a nearby store.
You need water to clean off chalk.

Last night, some boys on their skateboards came to the wall.
I was a short distance away.
The boys saw new chalk and went to work.
One even cleaned off a line with his own sweatshirt sleeve.

Boy in hood. In the 91335. Got a fistbump for responding with 818.

Learned what dabs and wax are, fer sure.
I had Googled wax and dabs previously.
The boys ought not be walking around with those pics on their phones.
Just in case there is trouble of any sort.

We talked about the things that I erase off the board when I replace the chalk that disappears daily.
The boys wanted to debate my censorship.

So I repeated something I had erased off the board out loud.
The boys drew back horrified and could not believe those words came out of my mouth.
I wish I had video of that moment.

We talked a bit more about public Art and free speech.
I did not erase their wish for wax and dabs.
We all agreed that what I had erased was unacceptable.

I know that the boys are someone's sons and Grandsons.
The kids are alright.
♥ Chloe