Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Protester, cover of Time Magazine by Shephard Fairey

I am thrilled that Shephard Fairey made the illustration for Time magazine's Person Of The Year Issue.
Here is what he had to say
A lot of critics are babbling on, I didn't put all the links, you can find them.
I first became aware that everyone is not a fan when I saw how an installation of his  in Providence was tagged and defaced.
This was too bad, it was such a treat to see it in the city at a construction site, until it was hit.
                           Shortly after that, he designed a new mural for Providence. 
Underneath the mural are the local landmarks used in the image.
Sometime before that he was arrested in Boston on the night of his Museum Opening.
and created the iconic Obama Hope poster.
Which has been reworked for the Occupiers
Some of whom have rejected it, feeling that it looks too close to the Obama campaign poster.
Before all of this, I had one of these

Which I took out of the frame and he graciously signed
The critics are being harsh,
whoever spray painted the poster in Providence was a hater, too
                      Shephard Fairey is living the dream of an Artist making a living and making a difference.
I am writing this in support of someone decent and creative.
Our local Occupiers could use some graphic inspiration for all their signs,
but that's another subject.
photos by Chloe C