Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gifts getting done

The first bottle of Cranberry liqueur went out, to the home of a party last night. I wrapped twine a few times around the neck of the bottle and tied it in a bow.
Didn't take a picture which would have been all cute and simple and inspirational because I spent the night before in Penn Station in New York because I missed my train and was going to the party on no sleep.

Learned that they like cranberries.  Good thing!  I figured that if they didn't like cranberries, they could use it for a mixer throughout the holidays.
I have a lot of fabulous cranberry mash left in the fridge, can't buy more vodka to put in it until payday.
Here is where I started

This is starting to make me think about the cranberries in the jar like sour dough starter.  Gee, I could just keep adding.
I'll keep you posted about how long the cranberries last.
I hope forever.  I love cranberries.