Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better get some Christmas going around here

This morning I was in a panic about whether it was Tuesday or Wednesday.
Had to check online to verify the day.

I will have to keep tasting the cranberry liqueur to find out if it is ready.
We will see how much will be left to give away!
I am using the New York Times recipe, http://events.nytimes.com/recipes/6385/2004/04/18/Cranberry-Liqueur/recipe.html
I poured the whole bottle of vodka in, instead of 3 cups.
I'm sorry, 3 cups of vodka wasn't going to make very many people merry.
Just thinking ahead.

After the tasting and the giving away, I will have quite a potent mash of cranberries left over.
I'm going to take the cinnamon sticks out.  It is cinnamony enough. 
I wasn't even sure I wanted to put them in.
I like Lemon peel in there better.
Now I will have vodka and cranberry soaked cinnamon sticks.
Think I will dump them into the apple butter.