Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Macy's Story

The other night I recognized a woman having her dinner break at Uno's on the mall as someone that I had pictures of from a year ago.  I approached her and asked if I could get her name and take a new picture.
Last year when the Rockettes came to Providence she had brought a picture of her Mother in the line of Rockettes, taken in 1956!  She brought the large print to a Macy's event we were attending to get tickets to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.
Wendy Evans with her Picture of the Rockettes from 1956.

Her mother, Beverly Heath is in the chorus line in the picture. She was a Rocketter from 1956-1958.
All the other Mothers were oooing and awing over the photo.
You weren't supposed to take pictures in the theater. Her father, who ushered at the Music Hall, got hold of some brand new film from Kodak. It was the first film that didn't have to have flash.
He sneakily took that black and white picture that is now a family treasure.
The new generation of Rockettes were happy to take a picture with her and her Mother's picture.

                                              There was another gerneration watching.
Here is a new picture of Wendy being fabulous for the Men's Department in Macy's.
I'll put up some more pictures from the Rockettes later.
I think because of Miracle on 34th Street I associate Macy's with Christmas!
The Rockettes Christmas Show is certainly Christmasy.
Later, Chloe