Sunday, December 11, 2011

Apple butter

Finished the apple butter today, canned 4 jars for gifts, refridgerated 1 jar for me.  I made the apple butter in 2 stages, first cooked all the chopped apples in the skin and got applesauce,

That is a lot of mess for a bowl of applesauce!
Then that whole mess minus my bowlful was cooked again today, together with cinnamon, allspice, ginger, and ground cloves.
Today the apples cooked almost all day.  They cook down and concentrate into spiced apple deliciousness.
It's a miracle.  The jars all sealed.  Well not really a miracle, it's science.
I get nervous waiting for the ping when the jars seal. Maybe you don't.
Four presents, the recycled jam jar full of apple butter is for me.
My favorite way to have apple butter is on whole wheat English muffins, with lots of butter or margerine.
             I bought English muffins in advance.
             This is so good.
             The texture is silky, the spices are apparent without being overwhelming.

             Practically perfect in every way.
             Not me.
             Not this kitchen.
             But the Apple butter is.
             I think I'll make some more.

Apples ready to pick at the orchard.