Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What do you mean, housing is a human right?

What do you mean, housing is a human right?
Marcus had never seen Tilly so agitated.

They lived in a cigar box.

They did not complain, complaining spoils a lot of days.
They both worked hard to pay for the cigar box.

"Am I not a mammal and a brother, too?"

The original quote, carved into a Wedgwood medallion, became one of the first social campaign slogans.
It helped gain support for the Abolitionist movement in the United States and abroad.
The slogan and many versions of the kneeling figure was printed on scarves and ribbons, struck into medals,
fired onto ceramics and reprinted in many publications of the time.
It was an effective campaign, winning many hearts and minds to the just cause.


Our Occupiers have many causes. 
I want them to Occupy somewhere inside so none of them freeze to death.  
Stay warm!   Chloe