Sunday, January 29, 2012

Occupy Providence, January 28.

More than 100 days now, and moving inside for the Winter. Sunday they are breaking down the camp for the move inside. Saturday there was a march through the city, and a celebration.
People started to get ready for the march. It was a festive day, with face paint and some silly clothes.
The guy in the wheelchair is one of the people I have been concerned about in my campaign for them to move inside for Winter.  I am relieved that this is happening.
Of course there were drums. 

Power for the people arrived in a wagon. Marine and RV batteries.
She had stickers and feathers and markers for everyone to get festive.
She was also occupying a big toy rat.
One of the tents in the camp.  The tents are coming down on Sunday.
Part of today's celebration was an Artolution, with canvases up with paint for anyone to use.
Occupy PVD on the move
As the group took over some of the street, the police went by.
That's all, drove by. 
The city of Providence has acted in the true spirit of Roger Williams in how the authorities have accommodated and negotiated with our Occupiers.
There are more pictures from today over here