Sunday, January 15, 2012

A big day of football for Marcus and Tilly.

The Saints and the Patriots, both games in one day.
They settled in to watch the Saints and the 49ers first.
They expected that there would soon be snacks.
The Saints were one of their favorite teams.
They had watched the Saints win the Superbowl with tacos and nachos in 2010, and had a soft spot for them ever since.
The game started off with a bang!  
The mice were hungry.  Where were the snacks?

They began to protest.
In French. Possibly Cajun French.
The game was almost half over and there were no snacks!
The protest was effective.
Snacks arrived.
Just in time.
The mice were not feeling crabby any more, and relaxed with all the donuts to watch the rest of the game.
The beloved Saints lost, but not without many turnovers and a valiant effort.
Next up were the Patriots who played like champions.
It was a fun day of football.

More of Marcus & Tilly anytime