Friday, September 13, 2013

Hello again!

Back again. It has been almost a year! Good grief.
My main goal is to find a new job.
Not much has been accomplished in the apartment.
Fairies did come and put an IKEA Tarva together, that's something.
Break the job down into small bits.
Fairy wisdom.
Woodland Fairy says "Just kick it."
Getting things done.
The thing did get done. IKEA Tarva.
Now I want another one to put next to it.
Got a shelf with posts for the towels hung up in the boring bathroom, snaked electricity out onto the balcony,
put up a pole going across to hang curtains or whatever, grew green beans and tomatoes and cucumbers,
made (1) single kinda lousy painting, hung up 2 chalkboards, and bought a new red pot to replace the one I left behind in Rhode Island.

So a few things got done, barely a dent. It is very slow and discouraging. 

I have been thinking about Tiger dreams.
Even when tigers are stuck in the zoo, they still have dreams.
Fierce tiger dreams.