Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working on my neglected blog and some classes.

Big changes.
Getting ready to start teaching, so jewelry should have it's own page over here.(I think)

I have spent a number of hours trying to figure out the best way to get out class information,
with a few photos and all the facts.
fret. fret. fret.

The mice should have their own page, too. (I think)
Marcus punched in Great Balls of  Fire while Tilly thought about all the songs she'd heard on car radios.
At Johnny Rocket's in Valencia, California

I explored some newsletter templates, but all of them seemed to take me off to another site and make more work, even though some of them looked more elegant and cool than I look here.
fret. fret. fret.

I have finished most of the sample pieces for the classes.

I am not worried about the actual days of teaching, that is fun for me.  I am worried about presenting
the classes clearly, so the people who want to sign up know what to expect.
fret. fret. fret.