Friday, February 3, 2012

Local Flavor for lunch

Three wieners and coffee milk for $4.99?  The sign had been making me laugh for days, had to go in.
Had to.
The first day I went in and bought a very good grilled chicken sandwich.  Tender and juicy. 
But not 3 wieners and a coffee milk.  So I had to go back. The wieners were calling me. 
Lovely Lexi here with the wieners getting the works on her arm, that's how it's done. 

Close up on the works.  The meat sauce, the mustard, the celery salt, the onions.

Real coffee milk, with Autocrat Coffee Syrup.  The real thing!
Back at work with my wieners and coffee milk. 
Have to say that I could not make it through all three wieners!
This was a real Rhode Island lunch. 
 L.A.System 1219 Atwood Ave, Johnston, Rhode Island