Sunday, February 5, 2012

Juliette's arrival.

Marcus and Tilly waited at the airport to pick up Juliette.
Juliette was coming from Toronto.

They stood by a big window and watched the airplanes come and go.
Marcus was concerned about getting home from the airport in time to watch the Superbowl.

"That must be hers!"
The plane was right on time.

Tilly was happy her friend was coming to visit, they hadn't seen each other for quite a while.

Tilly rushed to greet Juliette.

Marcus rushed to get a few shots of the happy reunion.
They all rushed to make it home for the football game.
Juliette didn't care one bit about the Patriots, but was looking forward to football snacks and relaxing with her friends.
Marcus's photo of Tilly and Juliette at the airport.

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Almost gametime!  Greetings from New England, home of the Patriots!   Chloe