Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flickr Meetup in New York City

So many good people, so much talent gathered in one place!
 Flickr staff came with goodies, and were rewarded with cheerful enthusiasm for Flickr.
We took epic group shot (s!) and walked the High Line, a narrow park built around a set of old elevated railroad tracks, talking and taking pictures. There were funny bits as people introduced themselves, and you had to ask, "But what is your Flickr name?" Then people were delighted to exclaim, "Oh you're so & so!"
Contacts and mutual friends were discovered.
Marcus and Tilly made the trip to New York from Providence.

 Marcus was very happy to meet Markus from Flickr!

 The Mice In Black followed them to the city, but were busted by all the photographers.

I ended up waiting for the Megabus to get back home near Times Square, so I snapped a few final pics before it was time to leave.

Great time, great people! Will be looking forward to looking at everyone's work and seeing what the future brings.
Here are the rest of the pictures from the great day -

This little graphic was made with Picnik. 

I'm in Florida now!  With a bit of time to catch up with everyone, and lizards outside.   ♥Chloe