Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Full moon cooking

Started with Morning Muffins.
Not such a hard thing to throw muffins together before work in the morning.
Plumped dried berries from Trader Joe's.
Cream cheese with an egg and sugar and vanilla between layers of muffin batter.
I love cheesecake for breakfast.
Cream cheese ran all over outside of the muffin papers and now I have to scrub my 8 muffins muffin pan.
Still pretty tasty.
Just saying it is possible to make muffins in the morning before you go to work.

Then I thought about macaroni and cheese all day.
While I was at work where I was supposed to be making new cool stuff
I was thinking about macaroni and cheese.
I did make a cool thing at work, almost finished,
but here is the macaroni and cheese.
Between almost finishing the cool thing at work and the macaroni and cheese
I saw the moon in a magenta tinged sky
It was an OK Tuesday.