Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling Leaves

I mean, falling trees.
Here is a tree on a house
a tree fell on my truck
Trees have been dropping all over the place
This one tried to jump over the wall
This one took a light pole down with it
This one is going for a light pole also.
By the way, those pictures are kind of ragged because I took them during the hurricane.
Didn't take the real camera out into the hurricane, that would have been too risky.
Specially with all the trees jumping around, right out of the ground.

This was a casualty on the Statehouse grounds.
It has been a tough year for trees in our area.
We've had rainstorms with fierce winds, Hurricane Irene,
and an early snowstorm that brought down even more trees and limbs.
The pictures from my walkabout during the hurricane are here
Hug a tree today.