Thursday, December 11, 2014

It is December again.

Here's the thing. I write every day. It just isn't neat and tidy in the blog.
One day when I am gone there will be a body of cyber ephemera all over the place.
People will construct new patterns of grieving as they find bits of their loved ones scattered about,
never deleted.
Sorry, didn't know this was going there.

Here is someone else's elf. 
I do not have one thing up in my apartment yet for Christmas. 
Over the years I have maintained that I am the most Christmasy person I know. 
Cutting it kinda close this year. 
Let us begin some festivities!
This elf looks dubious. Edgy. Like he could wack you with the candy cane.
(not my elf) 
Like trick or treat get something on this tray quick. 
Candy and Martinis.

*my photo, not my elf.
The only elf I would really want at my place is that long haired blonde one in The Lord Of The Rings. He could stay over any time he wanted.

That elf is not as bad as this one

Thinking about Christmas. ♥ Chloe