Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mini photo albums

I went looking for a little book template for a Flickr friend.
I have Publisher, and InDesign, but wanted something simple, without much of a learning curve.
I found a template that had been made for making mini comic books
Thank you, Nathan Rackley!

Here's what it looked like empty.
I cropped and pasted random photos that were laying around on my desktop.  
(my own random photos) Notice they are all about food.
I pasted the picture of the piglets over two pages (oooh)
I didn't put images on the front or back covers, to emphasize that they were
the front and back covers.  The images on the top are pasted in upside down,
they will be right side up when you fold the paper into a book.

Here you see Nathan's directions from the link, and the little book.
I put a dab of glue from a glue stick on the corners to hold things together.
The point here is not my photos, but for you to see how easy this is!

You could make little books of subversive poetry, and leave them laying around.
You could make blank books for kids to draw in, or make your own photo book,
small and thin enough to mail in a regular envelope.

While I was messing with the photos and the paper, I made a different kind of album.
I made a mosaic out of one of  my sets on Flickr
with the mosaic maker from Big Huge Labs
Printed it, and made a mini accordion folded album with the tidy squares.
It could use a nice cover and some kind of a closure, but that is for another day.
I hope this gives you some ideas! Snap a pic and let me know.
♥ Chloe