Saturday, August 11, 2012

Knitting and Lucky Bunny

Chose the blue & white cotton yarn to be all Aegean.

So I can pretend I am vacationing in Greece when it is 110 here.
Works as a coaster too.
You know how cold drink bottles get all wet with condensation?
The cotton yarn absorbs it.
And I can stash it in my purse and take a drink on the bus without getting busted
or getting the inside of my purse wet.
Hot or cold.

Don't think anyone would think my green crafty washable cotton water bottle holder would be transporting alcohol, do you?
It fits all the containers shown here because it is knitted, stretchy.
Any serious knitters going what the heck kinda stitch is that?
I pic the back of the stitch holding the yarn in my left hand for utilitarian knitting.
It makes me think about when a community could pick out a knitter's stitch.
That's me, with the slanting ridges on all my kid's snow hats in New England.
No need for Winter hats here in the desert.
But we do need to carry water. Seriously.
But what has this got to do with Lucky Bunny?


Shut Up and Do Something - Poster

Image of Shut Up and Do Something - Poster


People love complaining but few ever do anything to change things. So I call this my “Shut up and do something” poster. Keep creating, keep fighting, and for the love of god quit complaining.
The black is screen printed, the red standing bunny and red type are spray paint stenciled on. The tagline reads, “Wack name, tight game.” It’s my tongue in cheek way of making fun of making fun of my cutesy name.
Print come rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube to frustrate the postal goons who crush mail.
Size: 18×24
Medium: Screen print, spray paint.
Edition: 50, Signed not numbered.
Support: 110lb cover stock.

Sold Out

I own one of these sold out bad boys, nicely framed, thank you very much.
My own personal reminder to shut up and do something.

I have been complaining quite a bit about being banished to the desert.
This is not the life I would have chosen for myself.
So Rich's admonition 
 "Keep creating, keep fighting, and for the love of god quit complaining."
is kicking my butt.

I'm here, Los Angeles.  
The knitted water bottle holder is a small step, but I'm standing up.
I also am lucky enough to have one of these-

Image of Lucky Bunny Worldwide - Ltd. Edt. Silkscreen
Which is the first thing I hung up 
to personalize my room at my sister's in the Valley.
Feeling pretty lucky.
♥ Chloe
* Images from Lucky Bunny used with permission thank you very much