Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Road Trip

Since my last gloomy post (sorry) I have crossed the country with my brother driving a rented truck and landed at my sister's (for which I am thankful) and am staying in the purgatory of the San Fernando Valley. 
Normally, I love a road trip!
Cars and trucks, the food, radio stations fading in and out, the food.

This trip was under duress, a rescue operation.
I have been on this route before.  Even though I was feeling sorry for myself, I couldn't help but notice that the old Rt 66 has been taken over by slick new highway,  most of the roadside business has disappeared .
In place of the small diners and gas stations that used to mark the road to California are chain restaurants and  generic fuel stations.  
Not knocking the Love's chain, they consistently had nourishment and clean bathrooms. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chloe-and-ivan/7476951900/in/set-72157630365414596

We saw some sights, even under duress.  I made a set on Flickr. 
Probably not what I would have shot if it was a leisurely see the country road trip. It is a big country.
This was my favorite thing. The horse motel.

If you are shipping your horse, how nice is that to have accommodations for the horse. 
The Happy Tracks Horse Motel in Amarillo, Texas still makes me happy to look at. 
I am so glad I stopped to snap it.

I am laughing at myself looking over the road photos. You got waffles, horses, cars, food.  
Same me, different place.  
It is not an easy time.  I need a job.  A lot of my skills don't translate over here. 
This stuff I write about is usually too personal to link to for showing employers how savvy and skilled I am ; )
I have to find my way out here.  
I'll keep you posted.  It is really the same me.  ♥Chloe