Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hard Times and Disappointment.

Hello friends.
I haven't been around for a while.

I moved to Florida to be near the youngest who has flipped out,
flown the coop, and left me stranded in an apartment with no transportation.

1.8 mi to get milk for coffee.  That is 3.6 mi round trip on foot in Florida heat.
You'd think I'd be thin.

She had said, "Move down here."  She and her boyfriend had a comfortable life.  
I had visited a few months earlier, so had checked out the situation.
She said, "Don't bring any furniture. Don't bring that TV.  Don't bring the toaster."
Everything would be new.

So I arrived with carefully curated boxes and bins of a minimum of stuff picked out of the 
lifetime of family stuff in my old apartment, and studio stuff from work.  It all fit into a small POD.

I arrived May 23, so that makes it almost a month now.
Pretty wierd.
The rest of the family is aware of what is going on, but they are far away,
with their own children and bills.
I have been updating my Flickr friends, their input and support has meant a lot.

There has been drama and trauma.  Police and yelling.
It is not like I am stuck on the side of a glacier in sugary powder snow with a broken leg,
or anything like that.

I have tried to take myself out to take some pictures,
but once it all went bad I didn't care about taking pictures.
Here's one.  

The plan for now is that my brother will be flying out here from California on Friday, and we will be driving back with my stuff in a truck. Going to a spare room at my sister's.  It is a nice and big spare room
Road trip.  
Wish I was more excited about it.  ♥Chloe