Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not wasting fresh Nachos

Not wasting fresh Nachos by chloe & ivan
Not wasting fresh Nachos, a photo by chloe & ivan on Flickr.

I was served a huge order of Nachos at Uno instead of the bar menu portion. A lot of fresh and yummy ingredients. What to do?
4 eggs. Like Pumpkin pie.
Can of condensed milk. Like pumpkin pie.
Thought I had cheddar at home, it was Swiss.
Oh well.
Uno makes their nacho chips from fresh tortillas.
I was thinking like bread pudding, only savory.
Added chipotle seeds and cumino.
Uno is generous with the cilantro.
Oiled the pie plate with olive oil.
*This is important.
Ground some Himalayan salt over the whole thing when it came out of the oven.
Think of fresh salt on good fries.
Think of fresh salt on edemame.
Think of fresh salt on homemade quesadillas.
The nacho pie thing is tasty.
In the future, I would want some more body in the slice. That could be fresco queso, could be cream cheese. Stay tuned.
In the meantime, this is some breakfasts and lunches this week.
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This turned out so good, even though I forgot to take some salsa to work to have with it at lunch.