Friday, April 13, 2012

Mother of All Cheescakes

Cheesecake with the Bourbon Pecan Brown Sugar Maple and Butter topping.The Bourbon Pecan Sauce as a startGraham cracker crust, with additions.Beat up the cream cheese.Add the eggs one at a time.Four packs of cream cheese, four eggs.
Oooh.  Drizzled some Bourbon sauce in the middleNaked cheesecake.The Bourbon Pecan Praline Brown Sugar Maple Syrup and Butter Mother of all Cheesecakes

Mother of All Cheescakes, a set on Flickr.
Made this for Katerina's birthday. She said she was happy when she heard the word cheesecake!
 I was happy for an excuse to use the Bourbon Pecan sauce.

Via Flickr:
The Bourbon Pecan Brown Sugar Maple and Butter topping Cheesecake.
I might not have another piece of cheesecake this year.