Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sharing meatballs on the internet

Some of you already know I love meatballs. There are meatballs in every culture all around the world.
hmmm. kinda like donuts. There is a sweet fried dough in every culture all around the world.

These meatballs smelled so good I could have foolishly burnt my mouth on them as soon as they were done.
They smelled good from shallots & garlic & oregano & freshly ground pepper & salt & flat leaf Italian parsley & oats because I was too lazy to grind up some breadcrumbs & an egg. 
For those of you wondering what the heck is going on here, the meatballs are in my meatloaf pan with the holes in it to let the fat drip off. Underneath is aluminum foil in a cake pan. 
So I can just gather up the aluminum foil (a peeve of mine is everyone saying tin foil when it is not tin foil it is aluminum foil) and don't have to wash the pan. : )
Why is the meatloaf pan in a cake pan? Because I do not have a loaf pan the exact size of my meatloaf pan.
Because I moved across the whole continent and left a lot of things behind. 
But the meatloaf pan with holes in it is so useful that I will improvise.
I am on the quest for a loaf or bread pan to fit my meatloaf pan with the holes in it.
When I find one, I will make a nice meatloaf  for you.
I love meatballs. I often have made them to share. 
Sometimes, a meatball is the whole dinner for me. 
Meatball, revisited.
♥ Chloe