Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tilly on the September issue

As in, on her September issue of Vogue. 
She hadn't made up her mind about what she thought of mouse ears on the model.
She had been working her way through the magazine looking for inspiration to update her look.
Tilly saw that her pink bow was showing some wear.
Now that the mice were in Lala Land, she wanted to try edgier accessories
to stand out from the rest of the talent.

Previously, living in Providence surrounded by designers and Artists had been challenging enough.
In Los Angeles, that competition is multipied by the whole entertainment industry.
New talent streams in every day from all over the country, hopeful and enterprising.
Tilly knew she had to step up her game.

She bookmarked the page for black lace with the soft white sheer dress.
She thought that black lace ears might be too literal for mice.

The rest of Marcus and Tilly's story is over here http://www.flickr.com/photos/chloe-and-ivan/sets/72157623001687695/ ♥Chloe